Wig Maintenance

Let Us Restore Your Wig back to Fabulous

FabulousMe Hair provides a full range of services, maintenance and restoral, for your wigs. Our signature wig revitalization services will bring your wigs back to life via our deep cleansing, conditioning and are fabulous blow dry and styling services.  We also offer coloring and haircut services for all your wig revitalization needs. As with your own hair, your hairpiece or wig requires regular care, cleaning and maintenance to keep it looking its best, which is key to its longevity. Following the proper methods and using the appropriate tools is of utmost importance when caring for your hair system.

For Complete Wig Care, Maintenance or Restoration

Our wig styling experts can help you choose the right style cut and color and maintain it over time. As part of our wig services, our highly experienced licensed stylists have mastered the techniques of cutting, styling, coloring, rooting, highlighting, and servicing premium quality wigs.

Wig Laundry Services Available

Treat your human hair system as an investment. Which requires continual maintenance and care, which will bring many benefits to you in the long-term. FabulousMe Hair offers wig laundry services to keep your unit intact.

We care about your Wigs

Proper maintenance of your wig will make it look and feel its best. Treat yourself to a customized wash, conditioning, and styling treatment. Each wig is inspected and evaluated to see that the proper styling products are used. FabulousMe Hair uses the best professional styling products on the market to assure the best results.

Keep Your Wigs Looking Natural

Wigs should be washed approximately every 3-4 weeks if worn daily. Your wig should always be washed and cared for by an experienced wig stylist who is familiar with the techniques of washing premium wigs. Only professional grade products should be used when caring for your wig. Products for each wig should be specific to the nature of its hair and texture. FabulousMe Hair offers a Deep Conditioning Treatment to add more nourishment to the hair. It is recommended to perform a Deep Conditioning Therapy Treatment after every 3 to 4 shampoos.